Global AppSec Program Team

Global AppSec events offer practitioners worldwide the opportunity to come together to share their passion and knowledge of OWASP, infosec, and appsec. Each event features presentations from experts in the field, networking events, and opportunities to share experiences amongst the infosec community.

The Conference Program Team exists to create an impactful program that speaks to appsec practitioners through high-quality learning experiences, exclusive opportunities, and innovative event elements. The goal is to establish Global AppSec Events as a must-attend, world-class event.

Team Membership

Conference Program Teams are constituted for each Global AppSec event and consists of members of OWASP members and staff. The selection of team members is based on subject-matter expertise and balanced representation of the OWASP community. For planning purposes, team members shall reside on the continent of the Global AppSec for which they serve. Teams are constituted no later than six months prior to the Global AppSec event.

Team members contribute via email and video conference, and are required to attend up to two face-to-face meetings throughout the program development process, as well as the Global AppSec Event. Terms are for one Global AppSec. Meetings are usually held on a fortnight cadence, with meetings potentially increasing in frequency as the Event nears. Team members can expect to spend approximately 2-10 hours per week on this commitment.

Finally, Team members will be asked to sign an agreement at the beginning of their term and are expected to abide by the agreement and OWASP Code of Conduct. Team members are not eligible to speak at the Global AppSec which they plan.


The Program Team will meet on a regular cadence, which will become meet more frequently as circumstances require. Team membership is a substantial commitment beginning prior to the Global AppSec and up to one-month post-event.

Team Members:

Suggested Support:

OWASP Staff Support:


Team members will receive economy-class airfare, lodging, airport transfers, and meals for the Global AppSec for which they plan the program.


Please provide a video that includes a brief description of your background including your involvement in the OWASP community, prior conference involvement, and why you’d like to be a member.

Deadline for Dublin applications is December 31, 2019, San Francisco is February 29, 2020.

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